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Add value to your services with industry leading property market data

As a mortgage broker, the financial well-being of your clients is your number one concern

Your role is to help them use property to build wealth for the future and create a sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle for themselves and their family. Whilst helping them choose a loan product that’s right for their personal financial situation and needs is an important part of this process, it’s the property they decide to purchase that will ultimately determine whether or not they achieve success.

My Intel gives you the capacity to provide your clients with the vital information they need to make great purchasing decisions and avoid costly mistakes. It provides a suite of easy-to-use tools that allow you to assist your clients to make informed decisions about price, location, capital growth potential, rental yield potential and more. You can save your clients hours of tedious research time, and help them to invest more wisely and more often.

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My Intel Tools powered by PriceFinder

My Research – access the latest national property market data to help your clients determine where to buy, what to buy and what kind of property meets their budget and buying strategy.

My Valuer – discover the current market value of any property to help your clients avoid paying too much, increase their negotiating power, or avoid wasting time on a property they can’t afford.

Property Analyser – find out if a property has the potential to help your clients achieve their financial goals, or decide if it is financially viable as an investment asset.

Investar Search – discover property in locations Australia-wide where your clients can maximise their investment dollars, find properties that meet their budget, or purchase a home that offers the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

Portfolio Tracker – help your clients keep track of the value of their properties to determine when they can access equity to make more property purchases, or monitor profitability so they know when they need to sell.

Use My Intel to build relationships, retain clients and increase referrals.

My Intel allows you to register your client’s properties so you receive an alert every time one of them comes up for rent or sale. You can make timely contact right when they may be in need of your finance services or advice, helping to increase the value of your database and aid in client retention.

Additionally, My Intel allows you to provide your clients with a free monthly data report pack, automatically dispatched via Mercury. These invaluable Suburb Performance Reports are packed with up-to-the-minute market data designed to help your clients locate great buying opportunities and invest more often. It’s a great way to maintain your relationship with your clients and make sure you’re top of mind when they need finance. Your clients can also share this data with colleagues and friends, which increases referrals and helps you grow your business.

Create an additional income stream

My Intel is supported by Connective’s partner Real Estate Investar, and powered by data from Australian Property Monitors. If you use the monthly Suburb Performance Report feature, your clients also receive opportunities to sign up for a subscription to use the Real Estate Investar tools for themselves. When they do so, you will automatically receive 18% commission on their membership fee for any type of subscription they choose – that could mean up to $538 per client, per year which could be a great boost to your bottom line.

My Intel costs just $80 + GST per month, per broker. But you must be a Connective Member to subscribe. The subscription fee includes full support, instructional webinars and training on the My Intel tools – which can even be accessed by mobile phone when you’re on the go.

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